Dads, this is your place to vent, fume, release, and break into a new version of yourself.

Strength, authenticity and vulnerability come together in my Training Sessions for Dads, man to man to push inertia toward connections with your family and boundaries in your life.


What does training “look” like?

  • First Training Session: “The lay of the land.” What is the situation? What are the fears of the future? How can we use what we have, in the best way possible, to mitigate these potential outcomes? What books and resources can I start to read and practice to get prepared for what’s ahead? What can I do now to change my current situation?
  • Ongoing Training Sessions: “Fine tuning the craft.” As men, we are always working on our craft. In parenting, this is no different. As our kids grow, we need different tools to work with. In our training, we will work on mastering our parenting, no matter what comes at us.
I’m Ready, Let’s Do this.(Click to send a message)

Address: 50 S Steele St STE: 930, Denver, CO 80209 (Currently Offering Virtual Coaching One on One)

Phone: 303-835-6886

Appointments: Click here for a free 30-minute consultation




WholeHearted Dads is a coaching and counseling practice in Denver, Colorado in the Cherry Creek neighborhood.

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(*currently offering Online Coaching for Dads)


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