How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

A parent always tries to do what’s best for their child or children. Punishment and discipline are delicate things when it comes to families. It’s not easy and there is no official way to do it, but a parent needs to have a lot of patience in order to raise their kid the best way possible. Let’s talk about how to stop yelling at your kids.


Children have all this energy and curiosity that makes them do crazy things. We’ve all been there, and we know what it has been like when our own parents get angry. Today we will be focusing on yelling. It is natural to lose patience, and when that happens our voices begin to raise when talking to an out of hand kiddo.If you are a parent, have you asked yourself if you’ve been doing it too much? Or maybe it’s been too intense lately? Yelling has limits and consequences. It can leave you feeling guilty and have psychological effects on the kids. 


5 Harmful Effects Of Yelling At Your Kid 


How much damage are you actually doing to your kid with just the tone and volume of your voice? Here’s some examples:


  1. Behaviour will only get worse. Yes, that’s right. You won’t get anywhere by yelling at your kid. This actually makes the behavior worse. There are even studies about it. 
  2. Change in development. If you didn’t know, now is the time to do some research. Studies have proven that when a brain is developing, it processes negative information or events quicker than the good ones.
  3. Another result from screaming angrily is depression. It’s natural for children to feel mad, sad and emotional when they get yelled at, but psychological issues get carried into adulthood when they experience verbal abuse. 
  4. Physical health gets affected too. Mental health is as important as physical health and studies show that your kids can develop health problems as an adult from the stress they endure from this type of abuse.
  5. Chronic pain can also be caused from shouting. That includes arthritis, headaches, back and neck pain, and more.


How do I stop yelling at my kid?


Sometimes it isn’t until something serious happens that a parent realizes their yelling has to stop. But I want to make sure you realize that before it’s too late. Here’s some tips on how to quit yelling at your kid:


  1. Channel your triggers and avoid them as much as possible. It could be that after your child does something, the noise from the TV makes you feel even angrier. Or maybe you’re multitasking when all of the sudden the bad behaviour begins. Next time you feel like yelling, just focus on the things other than your child that make you explode. Then you can try to minimize those things.
  2. Take a deep breath and stay calm. I know it’s tough, but it’s not impossible. If you need to, count to 10, take a timeout, or you can set up an alarm on your phone to remind you to check your anger. Find things that can tranquilise you. If other things were already making you angry throughout the day, focus on working those things out so that when your kid makes you mad, you won’t have those other things on your mind.
  3. Do  it as a team. Your spouse or kids can even help you become better. Talks and charts made within the family will make you feel better. Communication about the things that make us calm will bring more positivity in the house.


If you consider these tips and put them to the test, your dedication will show results. You and your kids will feel much better. You want the best for your kids, don’t you? I know you do.


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