Parenting During the Pandemic : A Guide for Dads of Kids & Teens

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Us men struggle through unique problems in our daily life, just like women have their unique issues. But life changes when you’re a parent to kiddos, and kiddos who aren’t so little anymore. For you they will always be your little children. Time passes by and they grow faster and faster, so we do need to prepare for it. 


Especially in issues that the whole world has right now: 

The COVID-19 Pandemic.


We have a few tips in tricks up our sleeve for dads parenting during the pandemic that we would like to share with you today.


First let’s start off with parenting the younger ones:


Communication is Key


You may think you’d keep your children safe if you hide them in the dark without any explanation, but this makes your child worry even more. If your child is old enough to speak, have a decent talk with them explaining the pandemic, symptoms and consequences of COVID-19. 


Inform them patiently and calmly, answer their silly questions and let them know you are there to protect them. Let them know that things will get better. Be positive about it too.


Part of communication is addressing your kiddos fears and comforting them any way you can. More hugs, kisses, ‘i love yous’, etc. Let them know when you go out to run errands and inform them how long you’ll take. Reassure that you’ll be back safely.




Most importantly, your children need to wash their hands as much as they can! Don’t forget to remind them anytime they are touching stuff or are going to eat. Teach them and show them how to properly wash and rinse their hands for 20 seconds. Encourage hand sanitizer use and don’t forget to provide small face masks for them whenever they are outside or in public. It is important that you bathe them everyday if you can.




Create a schedule/routine for the kids to follow along with you. Set a time for bedtime and wake up time. Also, set them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Include a nap time, play time, chores, snacks, and many others if you’d like. It’s all up to their needs and health. During school time, make sure to dedicate time for school work.


Positive Discipline


More than ever, you really do need to keep an eye out for the children. They will have more time to mess around and as a parent we do have to get a little strict. When they get bored they tend to get out of hand, so give them a fun activity to distract them with, indoor or outdoor. Create DIY activities for them too.


Sometimes ignoring bad behavior that does not put your child in danger can prevent it in the future. If it is something serious, time outs can be the solution. Avoid physical punishment as it can cause injuries and trauma.


Celebrate their good deeds. Great behavior should be noticed as much as bad behavior. A snack, high five or bear hug will teach them that behaving is the way to go.


Take A Breath


Children can be very energetic and find crazy ways to let it all out. Just remember to take care of yourself also and take a deep breath when things get out of hand. If things are getting overwhelming, do an activity for you, like a warm bath or a jog.


Things are a little different when it comes to teengaers. Communication is still a must, as well as encouraging hygiene, making them follow a routine and discipling them.


Down Time


It is more normal for teens to crave privacy from their family. So in the routine that can be an addition for them.


Keep An Eye 


Suicide risks do increase for teens, especially during these times. If anything seems off, talk to them and listen. Don’t be too intense, or else they will feel uncomfortable. Listen to them and if you feel like it isn’t enough, try a virtual counselor.


Try setting new goals and dreams with them and forget about what is lost because of the pandemic.




Teens love technology, so it won’t be too hard to get them to hang out virtually with friends. Explain that they cannot do it in person and that it is for the safety of everyone. Also try to be understanding through every situation that they encounter. 


Make sure to create rules about time spent on technology and social media.


As we learned throughout this time, things do get tough, but it’s not impossible to overcome them. The love you have for your family will always be the thing that keeps you going with your head up. Being a parent is tough but it is also a wonderful thing. For more information about how I can assist you in your journey of parenting during the pandemic, click here if you want help to become a better husband, father, son, friend, or man in general.


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